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Ruth Harrigan: I blog at Wheelie catholic on issues of faith, disability and, advocacy. I decided to start this blog to aggregate information about adaptive cooking in one place -- and to have a place where all of us can share cooking tips keeping in mind concerns about energy conservation, dexterity issues, reaching from a wheelchair, etc. But that's not all! Just like those TV offers, there's more for readers -- you get not only posts from me, but from my co-chef, Meredith Gould. Since I have quadriplegia, a very visible disability, I asked Meredith to blog with me on the perspective of someone with an invisible disability. She can cook -- I know because she was my aide for many years - and she makes a mean tuna fish sandwich too.

Meredith Gould: I blog about faith, everyday spirituality and culture quirks at More Meredith Gould, a blog I was inspired (read: ordered) to start years ago -- by Ruth. In fact, I credit Ruth for my rapid ascent/descent into the world of digital technology. You can learn more about my work as a digital strategist as well as my books my website. I also have Ruth to thank for helping me get more real about what it means to live with a physical disability. No, not hers; mine! This is her blog. I plan to drop in with posts about cooking under the influence of fibromyalgia. (About that tuna sandwich Ruth mentions, here's the post about that.)

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