Friday, January 25, 2013

Quadriplegic cooking

I never gave much thought to the logistics of cooking before I became a quadriplegic.

I took for granted that I'd always be able to reach everything, including appliances and shelved items. I never considered what issues a lack of dexterity might cause when it came to slicing veggies or opening cans. Not to mention energy issues, which affected food prep, clean up, etc. etc.

Once I realized how difficult it was logistically,  I assumed that if I hired aides, they would cook for me and prepare meals. I didn't anticipate that many people considered a nutritious meal to be a peanut butter sandwich on rye bread or a stop at McDonald's on their way.

And those were the good days.

I got hungry. Then I tried frozen foods.  I put weight on.  I went on a salad run.  That was okay as long as I didn't want too much in my salads, aides said - which turned out to be lettuce and a few tomatoes. Canned soup. Yogurt. Relying on occasional meals brought in by friends.  All of that was okay, but I wanted to eat healthy balanced meals more often than I could afford to eat out - which wasn't often.

I've decided to start this blog to help others who find themselves facing similar issues.  I'll address solutions I've found to access issues, including dexterity and wheelchair height concerns, as well as ways to work with an aide side by side to prepare meals. Recipes will be simple and healthy, keeping cost factors in mind. And I'll show how cooking can be fun and rewarding, even if you're a beginner! Fear not.

I'll also link to and feature blogs and sites and videos by others who are facing similar situations. Let me know if you're out there!

And now to begin.....


  1. Brilliant idea and something we need more of looking forward to reading your blog

    1. Love your blog too. Thanks for stopping by and your encouragement! Hope everyone goes over and visits your blog The Thrifty Cook listed in the blogroll!

  2. Nice! I've bookmarked you already.

  3. Good idea! I am a big fan of crockpots, and veggies/potatoes in the microwave.

  4. Liz and Yazzy,
    Thanks for coming by! Liz- saw Florence Henderson on TV once showing how to make veggies in a zip loc bag after putting some holes in it and I was hooked - so easy and quick! Looking forward to hearing everyone else's ideas and recipes :)



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