Monday, February 25, 2013

Review: Rachel Ray Cook's Rocker Knife

In one of earlier posts, I talked about my plan to try out the Rachel Ray Cook's Rocker Knife .

I thought it might work for me since I sometimes am able to use rocker knives with my disability.  Unfortunately, it's not going to cut it for me as it doesn't accommodate my needs, but it really is a great knife at a reasonable price.  My aides love it.  It's sharp, heavy enough to cut through thick items such as heads of cabbage and light enough for chopping and dicing with little effort. 

One of my aides used it to slice a tomato in tiny precise slices that reminded me of those TV knife commercials. It was pretty impressive.

I'll probably wind up getting a specially adapted knife eventually from  . In the meantime, I'll just ask my aides to cut up food or toss items into my Ninja Master Prep , which does a great job of anything from chopping to dicing to pulverizing.  Because of its shape, it's easy even without hand movement to press down on it to use it and the fact that it performs best with short pulses makes it perfect for me since I can rest in between. 

Anyway I'll be back with  more cooking adventures later this week. 


  1. Was wondering about this because it looks like a lethal weapon in the pics -- and not just for someone with a disability. Glad the aides like using it! Now if they'd only get into paper collating and filing...

    1. LOL too funny and ... I'm noticing the knife is up to a five star rating on Amazon!


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