Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Steamed chicken and yellow rice

So we tried out a recipe for chicken and yellow rice in the new steamer the other day.   It was very easy and came out delicious.

Since our search for recipes wasn't too successful, we experimented.  We cooked the skinless boneless chicken breasts in the bottom section - alone- for twenty minutes.   Then we added Goya yellow rice in the second section, which we removed after ten minutes, leaving the chicken in for the rest of the twenty minute timer.   We added ten more minutes to make sure the chicken was tender, for  a total of fifty minutes cooking time for the chicken.

I added some pepper and garlic to the dish after plating it and am eager to experiment with more spices  the next time we cook this.  Will also cook some veggies with it in the third section of the steamer!

One nice thing about using a steamer is that it cuts down on pots and pans.  Cleanup is easy!

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