Friday, February 8, 2013

Become One With Your Kitchen: Accessible Bling

Some of the most useful items that provide access to me aren't marketed for disabled people.

Such is the case with the Koku All in One Cutting Board I just received. I needed a cutting board since my old one is no longer sanitary. I wasn't looking for anything fancy, but while on Amazon I saw this one with a few extra features that seemed perfect for my needs - pull out measuring drawers on the sides, as well as a lip to catch juices,  a raised surface I could rest on my lap that gave me additional height options, and - underneath the cutting board - a built in grater.

Here's why this cutting board is more accessible for me - whenever I manage to cut something up, it's difficult enough without having to figure out how to get the item off the board with limited dexterity.  I can now scoop everything into the pull out side drawers - and  measure the items as I go. Since the drawers are removable and much lighter than a cutting board, it's easier for me to figure out a way to empty the contents into my crock pot too, thus solving two problems at once.

I'm still experimenting with knives for quadriplegics which are very expensive, so I am starting with ones that might work which are less expensive. More on that later, but this Rachel Ray rocker knife is in the running.

This is the knife I really want to get eventually, made by quadtools and demonstrated by Chris in this video:

Ah yes grasshopper becoming one with my kitchen will take time!


  1. I love all these posts and look forward to more. My much-used cutting board is about worn-out--I like this one a lot. It's very affordable for all those functions.

    1. Frida-

      It's a very solid piece of equipment and I agree, not a bad price. I like its size too. Enjoying doing this blog :)


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