Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fibromyalgia Work-Around: Chopping With Scissors

Fibromyalgia flare-ups take many forms, which is why I keep my kitchen stocked with a variety of food prep tools. Truth to tell, I collected kitchen gadgets long before getting flattened by fibro. I enter into a blissful altered state in the presence of this stuff. Yes, I'm that person blocking your way at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Over the years with fibro, I've discovered that I need tools for when I have strength, tools for when I don't. These days I rely on kitchen scissors/shears because they seem to work well under both circumstances.

I actually started using kitchen scissors during my time as Ruth's aide. She needed food cut up into bite-sized pieces that she could easily grab with her knuckles. I soon discovered that cutting up food before and after cooking was also a lot easier on me.

Please do take a moment to contemplate the kitchen scene when one person has quadriplegia and the other has fibromyalgia. Lots of dropping, spilling, and laughing, that's for sure. Moving right along . . .

If you cannot grip anything or doing so hurts, feel free to stop reading. If you can manage a light grip, consider using kitchen scissors along with or even instead of knives.

Good kitchen shears will last for years and, depending on what you cut up, will not need sharpening for quite a while. I use mine to cut raw and cooked meat and poultry, as well as salad greens, making sure to wash the shears in hot soapy water in between food types. God knows I do not need to add puking from food contamination to my list of Things To Do.

What about using regular office scissors? I tried and quickly rejected that option because they weren't sharp enough and, more importantly, the smaller finger holes made my hand cramp.

Large finger openings
reduce the need to grip 
Not too clenched, right?


  1. This is a tip I've passed on to new aides, even though they don't use scissors because they have fibro - we've found it's way more efficient for many of them as caregivers to cut up my food this way!

  2. Ah! Another tip I've used for a long time! People laugh at me when I cut up chicken breasts with scissors, but it's WAY easier. Scissors are great for cutting pizza instead of that wheel thing that I can never control, too.

  3. Awesome post!!! I get some info from your post.I don't use scissors for kitchen but I inspire from this post.Thanks for sharing with all us .


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