Monday, December 23, 2013

West Bemd Slow Cooker 5 Qt.

Sometimes features on an appliance make the difference between independence and dependence.  For example, the nonstick interior of the West Bend Slow Cooker is  a huge plus around my house.

Any cooking appliance that is easy to clean is popular with my aides.  None of them like to spend a lot of time with cleanup after we cook.  My George Foreman grill and electric skillet are popular because they also have a nonstick surface, but this time of the year I love to make crock pot recipes and this is the appliance I like.

It comes with a small grilling surface that's also nonstick, perfect to toast a sandwich, eggs or pancakes.

The heat settings are more versatile than a crock pot, ranging from 1 to 5.  My eggplant parmigiana recipe was done in a little under two hours on the 5 setting.

Quick, versatile and easy to clean - not to mention affordably priced.  Can't beat that.


  1. oh wow, with the grilling surface!!

    1. Frida- These slow cookers have been around a long time -- great little gadget, really versatile - noticed that their price on Amazon went up 12 dollars due to holiday pricing though.


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