Sunday, February 16, 2014

Breakfast ideas for George Foreman grill

If you have limited dexterity and /or limited mobility like me and depend on assistance from others, quick and easy meal ideas are necessary to maintain good nutrition.  I find that the easier the meal is to make, the higher my chances of getting someone to cook it!

I found this article on how to make breakfast on the George Foreman grill, with a complete breakfast of eggs, potatoes and sausage (I would substitute turkey sausage or bacon).

I also use my George Foreman grill to make turkey bacon with a fiber English muffin.  I grill  the muffin first, then remove and grill the turkey bacon in under eight to ten minutes.  It's not only quick and easy, but tasty.  And, as I mention below, the turkey bacon can be cooked without defrosting it.

Another energy saving tip is to package your turkey bacon in the freezer in small bags of eight to ten slices.  I do this with a lot of food since I live alone and that way my aides have easier access to it and there's less waste.  Some items like turkey bacon can be cooked frozen on the George Foreman grill - it may take a little longer but it's very convenient to skip steps when there's so much for aides to do!

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